My Learning Experiences at Global Wings

‘Global Wings,’ is an institute that has literally lived up to its name – It has helped students to develop wings to soar high in the sky and gain global attention. It is not the boring tuition type institute, but a fun-filled activity room.

My journey with Global Wings started an year ago when I asked Ritu Mami for some advice on how to improve my literary skills and publish my writings. She enrolled me for the ‘Lets Write’ program and asked me to write an essay every week.

Soon, the program commenced and I started to write on the given topics and publish it on the blog. My writing skills began improving post by post. I could see the change in my writing style. Earlier, my essays were dry, cold and normal, but later, I got used to of using difficult vocabulary, I could write more complex sentences and my grammar improved drastically. My writings were now rich and entertaining. Now, I also used some quotes, real life examples or some proverbs in my essays.

All in all, Global Wings has enhanced my public speaking, literary skill, creativity and imagination. It has helped me a lot to improve my English.

I hope that we continue writing and writing… and keep climbing up the uphill road to success…