Diwali short for Deepavali is called the  festival of lights it is called so as all houses have lights and dias on them and the light from crackers lights up the night.

Diwali is celebrated for numerous reasons may it be Sriram coming back to Ayodhya or welcoming of goddess Lakshmi even celebrating the coming new year and more

.For me Diwali is important as a festival to show my art work to my family and friends. Like making  beautiful wall decorations by a single baloon and some embroidery thread.This diwali I will not ( I hope I do so ) read any slogans but follow them myselfHave a happy and safe diwali
Vedika Kakar


Importance of friendship in life

Friendship- a source of peace! This word can help bring peace in the world.

If you understand the meaning of this word then you can become the key to peace. A magical key which can open the door to stop all wars and help vanish all borders, it shall unite the broken world into one and shall become the biggest jewel one can get. A ray of hope is what it will be in your dark times, because a true friend is the one who gets you up when you fall down. One important thing in friendship is that you have to choose, choose between the good friends and the bad ones. You have to figure out who will help you and who will leave you alone. A buddy is what you need to find, he shall be the one to help you solve all your problems. Friend is a person who takes care of you and friendship is the power which will help unite each creation of god which is and will be on this Earth.


To sum up whatever you have read in the lines above defines true friendship and why it is important in one’s life.



Let us get back to writing

Dear Kids

We have had a slow start at writing this academic year. But let’s get back to it and share each others ideas on various topics.

This fortnight’s topic is : What makes me special”

Happy Writing


Ritu Vaish


Vacations come and go . But play a very important role in school going students and their mother’s life .

Student life is not an easy job to do . They need to get up early in the morning , then attend school , concentrate on various extracurricular activities and at last they come back home but the rest of the time goes in various school projects and studies . The duty to make their food , take them in various classes and help them  with their school work and studies are responsibility of the mothers .  Isn’t that a hard job to do ? It is a very hard and tiring job to do that can only be done by women’s  !  The time they rest are only summer vacations , can sleep for hours and can also watch television day and night . Summer vacations are not just to play and enjoy . They give you a chance to prepare for exams , be ahead of the class , and cover up the studies in which you lack behind .The vacations are in summer so you can play outdoor games in the evening . Moreover summer is here you have yummy , delicious ice cream to eat , beverages to drink etc. You can also hear chirping of birds , cracking of leaves and many more sounds .

So, mothers and students just relax .  But be careful the school are opening soon .


summer holidays (repetation)

Summer is he season of fun and enjoyment. We love to relax with our caps on drinking “pepsi” .Eating those lovely ice-creams, or a juicy and cool water-melon are the things we love to enjoy.

That’s the reason we need summer holidays to go out of station and enjoy with our family or just relax at home and roam in malls or earn a new hobby. We need to do our holiday homework which will be included in our formative assessment we also need to study for our upcoming test and revise all chapters. There is a lot to do but surely enjoy are time.

Vacations are Here!

Summer Vacations are probably the best time of the year. It is also the happiest period in a student’s life. Vacations are the time for fun and rejuvenation. They last from around the second week of May till the middle of July.

The purpose of the summer vacations are multifold. One is relaxation. Students get tired after the end of the annual examination.  They need rest to recoup health and vitality. The second purpose is to tide over the scorching heat of the summer months. The third purpose is to provide a chance to students to make up their deficiency in any particular subject. It also gives an opportunity to visit new places. Travelling is a wonderful experience and it has its educative value too.

summer vacation

After exams everyone needs a rest after settling in our class with our friends we need a break it would be lovely to swim in the swimming pool have races play with our friends and tour with our parents. We have loads of holiday homework to do but its ok. i am very eager to go to school again with my friends