being an example

I am the eldest child of my parents .My parents always listen to my tensions (which are mostly finding my reading books).They let me to advocate first when me and my sibling have a fight 

But where there are advantages there are also disadvantages. I dont get pampered as I was earlier.My mother says I would always be an example to my brother. 



My grandma is the best cook you have ever met . The whole family loves her tasty lip-smacking secret recipes. My younger brother burps after eating her kidney beans and rice.My elder sister loves her ladyfingers .While my elder brother gulps down her cauliflower I gulp down tons of her channa kulcha . Everyone loves a variety of food in my family and we invite each other often for meals. This is how my family lets out each others secrets

enid blyton


the author of dreams

enid blyton the author of dreams

Enid Mary Blyton (11 August 1897 – 28 November 1968) was a British children’s writer also known as Mary Pollock.

She is noted for numerous series of books based on recurring characters and designed for different age groups. Her books have enjoyed huge success in many parts of the world, and have sold over 600 million copies.[1]

One of Blyton’s most widely known characters is Noddy, intended for early years readers. However, her main work is the genre of young readers’ novels in which children have their own adventures with minimal adult help. Series of this type include the Famous Five (21 novels, 1942–1963, based on four children and their dog), the Five Find-Outers and Dog, (15 novels, 1943–1961, where five children regularly outwit the local police) as well as The Secret Seven (15 novels, 1949–1963, a society of seven children who solve various mysteries).



A book is opened with enthusiasm and closed with profit.

Poetry is truth, dwelling is beauty.

Disease is tax on pleasure

Quotes are modified and beautiful thoughts . You would love to read them . It’s open-mindedness and feelings of many . In distress they are lovely to read.