My Learning Experience at GLobal Wings

 Global Wings has always been a learning platform for me . My brother and I always love to attend these classes by ritu maam.
Global wings has been my foundation of english since class 6.Now being in class 8 my file is full of worksheets and tips.My essays have improved continuously , so has my writing style. My grammar has been mended and reformed in the best possible way .Maam has always gone to the depth of the concept and helped to to make me understand the concepts. I even joined the YLP programme which really helped me to boost my leadership.
Ritu Maam we will really miss you. We will remember every moment in you class. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU . for all your guidance and help


Diwali short for Deepavali is called the  festival of lights it is called so as all houses have lights and dias on them and the light from crackers lights up the night.

Diwali is celebrated for numerous reasons may it be Sriram coming back to Ayodhya or welcoming of goddess Lakshmi even celebrating the coming new year and more

.For me Diwali is important as a festival to show my art work to my family and friends. Like making  beautiful wall decorations by a single baloon and some embroidery thread.This diwali I will not ( I hope I do so ) read any slogans but follow them myselfHave a happy and safe diwali
Vedika Kakar

summer holidays (repetation)

Summer is he season of fun and enjoyment. We love to relax with our caps on drinking “pepsi” .Eating those lovely ice-creams, or a juicy and cool water-melon are the things we love to enjoy.

That’s the reason we need summer holidays to go out of station and enjoy with our family or just relax at home and roam in malls or earn a new hobby. We need to do our holiday homework which will be included in our formative assessment we also need to study for our upcoming test and revise all chapters. There is a lot to do but surely enjoy are time.

summer vacation

After exams everyone needs a rest after settling in our class with our friends we need a break it would be lovely to swim in the swimming pool have races play with our friends and tour with our parents. We have loads of holiday homework to do but its ok. i am very eager to go to school again with my friends



India is a land of rich culture and festivals are an integral part of every Indian’s life. HOLI is one of that. Indian festivals are source of celebration and joy. HOLI means festival of different colours. The festival of joy and happiness. The Hindu festival of colors celebrated in mid Spring every year.

On this Holi festival all people comes together and play with different colours. On this day all enemies becomes friends. All childrens, men ,women play with full of joy. This festival made by Hindu religion. It is the one of the most big and famous festival in India. On this day holiday must given in all. all friends, relations giving a greeting card to each others. School, college and in industrial area. On this day all eat the prasad called BHANG.

by vedika

A Pet

pets are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions ,they pass no criticism                             (george elot)

Pets are smart ,loyal and cute.Once I had two parrots one died ,and the other flw out  when i opened the gate wide to feed him.I feel that a dogs mans best friend so a cat would be a womans . My mother thinks pet are a nuisance . they trouble alot. They are fun especially when u are  alone They lick u and they follow u


At Global Wings we were to write about our favourite season, that’s when spring was set on my mind. Spring! that”s the season of flowers and fun. It has 2 things unique, the lush flowers and happiness. Well when its round the corner we are gonna have loads of fun  .