”My learning experience at Global Wings”

Global Wings is a place where a new child comes from the target of just learning, but when the time comes to leave, then no child wants to do so because he/she gets to make new friends as well as to have fun besides writing.

Today, I want to share my experience of learning at Global Wings.

I still remember that I joined Global Wings on 10 may for the summer course of two weeks in which i got to know/learn many things. Moreover, I liked it that much that i started with the normal classes. Classes went by and I got know about adjectives,tenses,etc. Then came the Young Leadership Programme (YLP) in which I got to learn about public speaking and many other topics related to it. The one last year was the most memorable year.  I got to learn about diary entry,letter writing,notice and many other writing topics which I may never forget.

Global Wings has helped me a lot to improve my English. If Global Wings wouldn’t have be there, it would have become very difficult for me to write well. I have exactly attended 96 classes till now.

To sum up, I would like to say a goodbye to Global Wings with a heavy heart. I hope that maam, you would keep giving us topics to write so that our practice of writing continues.



Famous lines by Albert Einstien

Our lives cannot be decided by the exams which we have failed

Middle school is a place where students get a basic understanding of their future classes. The journey of the middle school is very effecting on a child’s performance.

I am going to class 8th , the senior most class of middle school. Moreover this class is sometimes very interesting  and on the other hand sometimes a little scary.

Science is divided into three parts – chemistry,biology, physics ; our activity periods decreases.etc.

However, one enjoys the studies and the challenges they have to face in their daily lives.

To sum up , I am very excited for the next class and wish that it could start at it’s earliest.