”My learning experience at Global Wings”

Global Wings is a place where a new child comes from the target of just learning, but when the time comes to leave, then no child wants to do so because he/she gets to make new friends as well as to have fun besides writing.

Today, I want to share my experience of learning at Global Wings.

I still remember that I joined Global Wings on 10 may for the summer course of two weeks in which i got to know/learn many things. Moreover, I liked it that much that i started with the normal classes. Classes went by and I got know about adjectives,tenses,etc. Then came the Young Leadership Programme (YLP) in which I got to learn about public speaking and many other topics related to it. The one last year was the most memorable year.  I got to learn about diary entry,letter writing,notice and many other writing topics which I may never forget.

Global Wings has helped me a lot to improve my English. If Global Wings wouldn’t have be there, it would have become very difficult for me to write well. I have exactly attended 96 classes till now.

To sum up, I would like to say a goodbye to Global Wings with a heavy heart. I hope that maam, you would keep giving us topics to write so that our practice of writing continues.



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