Importance of friendship in life

Friendship- a source of peace! This word can help bring peace in the world.

If you understand the meaning of this word then you can become the key to peace. A magical key which can open the door to stop all wars and help vanish all borders, it shall unite the broken world into one and shall become the biggest jewel one can get. A ray of hope is what it will be in your dark times, because a true friend is the one who gets you up when you fall down. One important thing in friendship is that you have to choose, choose between the good friends and the bad ones. You have to figure out who will help you and who will leave you alone. A buddy is what you need to find, he shall be the one to help you solve all your problems. Friend is a person who takes care of you and friendship is the power which will help unite each creation of god which is and will be on this Earth.


To sum up whatever you have read in the lines above defines true friendship and why it is important in one’s life.




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