Humans best friends are Animal

Animals  are such agreeable friends – They ask no questions ; They pass no criticisms . Yes,  I agree as animals are so sincere to their owner . Like they are always supporting you even if your relative and friends are not supporting you .


Today I have only one wish to have a pet , But I can’t have it as my brother is very small and can easily catch infection from animals . But there is a  saint-bernard in my lane and he is my best friend . Moreover I also kept his name , His name is Tuffy . Tuffy is 5 years old , he has brown eyes. His hair colour is golden and brown.  In addition he is a very friendly , loving , naughty and caring dog . I always share my secrets with Tuffy and he always keep them as a secret . Its fun having a dog as dogs are your best friend and they love you more than you love yourself . Moreover average dog is much nicer than an average person. Tuffy is very special for me as he many times saved my and my family’s  life .  I will tell you an incident one day I was alone in my house  , group of robbers entered my house and tied me with a chair and locked me in a room . They then started steeling things from our house . By coincidence the window of the room was not closed I tried to go near the window . There I could only see Tuffy . I always share my problems with Tuffy , so I called him and told him the whole incident. He quickly ran to the police station and called police . Then police arrested the thief and rescued me . This was only one bravery incident of Tuffy ., there are many more bravery incident of Tuffy . But I was really shocked and surprised to know that how this brave and intelligent was used by humans. Tuffy was used to hypnotize people by his barking sound . Moreover he was also used in circus and was betrayed and iterated by humans . And we only say that dogs can understand humans better than so why are we misusing them ? They also have a right to live their life so who are we humans to spoil life of an unspeakable creature ? These only some questions that can only be answered when strict laws against hunting and iterating  are introduced, when we stop using animals for our use and the most important thing is we have to change our mindsets. I wish animals can live a life without tension of hunting.

Until one has loved an animal a part of one s sole remains unawakened. So, love animals and they will love you too.


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