Now not the Junior most class in Senior Wing !!!!!

The teachers were good but the year was shorter , so shorter that we din`t even realized that we are going to next class ,  seventh .

I am exited to go to next class as we would `nt be the junior most class in senior wing . Moreover we will meet new teachers , have new opportunities to prove that we are good but can be the best . We will now be treated as mature / grown up children , we would not be pampered any more and will of course have new responsibility . But this year we will be shuffled , I wish I don`t have to go to 6~G and would not be separated from my friends .

But I am very sad also as I have to leave my teachers and especially my class teacher mani ma`am . Mani ma`am is like a friend to me I can share all my secrets with two people one is my mom and the other one is mani ma“am . In addition she is an encouraging , lenient and understanding teacher she has many more such qualities that makes her my favourite teacher. But the best thing about her is her mobiles having  latest technology and applications and she is up-to-date and is familiar with various technologies , But she is a geography teacher I like her teaching style but not her subject geography. This year we had the best teachers and that is why this year was very special for me.

I now promise that I will be in proper turnout and my name would not be in defaulters list . I also wish that I could improve my discipline and would not be shuffled and would make Geography my second most favourite subject after civics  because I promised this to my mom and mani ma`am.



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