Celebrating Spring!!!

With all those butterflies and honeybees buzzing on the orchids, daisies, buttercups and daffodils  in a valley surrounded by mountains almost touching the sky, spring is my favourite season. The spring season rules India in late February till the mid of April.

The spring season, often called the King of all Seasons is the most beautiful and colourful time of the year as mother nature is at her full mood of happiness as the trees put on new leaves, flowers bloom, petals blossom and fruits fruit out. The birds chirp melodious songs, while the bees buzz around every flower, collecting pollen and preparing honey. Oh! I love to gaze at the flowers so fragrant to smell : narcissus, hyacinth, lilies and roses.

The weather is pleasant as it is neither hot nor cold and there is a gentle breeze at all times. Thus, many families go for outings and picnics in the wild to feel the essence of flowers and rejuvenate themselves. I love flying kites with my father at my terrace.

Many harvest festivals like Basant Panchmi and Baisakhi take place in this season.

For the poets and painters this is a wonderful season to compose poetry and draw sceneries. They get inspiration from Spring.

Beauties of Spring, not only feast our eyes, gladden our hearts and purify our souls, but they have also a spiritual message. We should not pollute our Mother Nature and preserve her for the benefit of mankind.

Long live ‘Spring’ to delight, inspire and teach us!


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