Eldest Child

I am the eldest child in my family and definitely there are many pros and cons of being the eldest of all. The first born is the fruit of the first love, true love and fiery love and your birth date is the most awaited moment of your parents and other family members. The first born, are usually filled with love, attention and care. All things are new – from infant clothes and shoes to toys and mattresses. It seems like you are “first” in everything. As the oldest child you gain respect from your younger siblings. They always consider your ideas and thoughts before making any final decisions.

We all know that having a first child is a new experience for a couple. So, they tend to look after their child, if possible 24 hours a day. Since, you get all the attention of your parents sometimes you feel like you don’t have much freedom at all and always guarded. As the oldest child, you are expected to be a model to your younger siblings and it is not an easy task. Even if some of your siblings are already 8 – 9 years old, you are still in-charge with almost everything. You sometimes think you are a kind of a problem solver.

The Cons weighed much than Pros. You do all the work in most part. No time to play with children of your age as you have to play with your younger brother and entertain him. On the other hand, being the oldest child shapes you to be responsible almost in everything. It is somehow a nice feeling that your younger siblings are looking at your footprints.



6 thoughts on “Eldest Child

  1. Awesome Prakhar!! I am sure you and Sarvagya bhaiya can find a lot in common! 😀
    One thing I noticed was that you switched between “I/me” and “you” once or twice. Pick one pronoun and stick with it!!
    Otherwise great piece, KEEP WRITING 😀

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