Reading Books!!!

One of the things everyone is afraid of is loneliness. In order to overcome the extreme fear of loneliness, everyone seeks company and lives in society. But, that does not mean we can associate ourselves with anybody and everybody. There must be something common that holds two people together – ‘Only birds of the same feather flock together.’

A book is more than a good companion. It drives away your loneliness. It advices you, when you are in need of it. When your heart feels heavy, it removes the burden and wipes away your tears.

I have a habit of reading books – from fiction to non – fiction, from comedy to tragedic, from diaries to fantasy and from mysteries to classics. I laugh with Jeff Kinney, weep with Dickens, mock like Urea Heap, lecture like Anthony, investigate with Frank and Joe, observe with Holmes, wonder like Miranda and exclaim, ‘Oh! What a world this is!’

Yes. It is a world of my own. One which makes me curious, springs alive at the nod of my head and vanishes the moment I let the curtains fall down.



5 thoughts on “Reading Books!!!

  1. Wow prakhar! That is really good. I feel the same way about books. But I haven’t been able to read a lot during college! You should make the most if it during this time.
    Try more stimulating novels now. A good start is Lord of the rings! I have that at home. This will give you a good idea of how to make a nice story and how to think of your characters having their own mind and becoming an author. Plus this will take you a while to read but will increase your vocabulary too!!
    Best of luck.

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