New Year 2013

As you know New Year is very special because next year starts. Do you know only ten hours are left.

On New Years eve I had a lavish dinner and played with my cousins. The next day was NewYear. As I got up I shouted happy new year and started jumping on the bed. After one hour I had breakfast and got ready for the lovely day.First I thought of have fun with my cousins and then have a nice luch .As I thought of it was done.After having lunch I got chocolate for my younger brother and sister.In the evening my aunt made a chocolate cake with some vanilla icecream as topping.It was so delicious and tasty too.finally at the night we preyed to the god asked him one-one wish after that we had pizzas and garlic breads.We also drank some soft drinks.As the day was over we all shouted Happy New Year.

I think we would have a better New year.



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