Bye Bye 2012


I went to my aunt’s house for a New Year party. My aunt told my mother to bring all the materials to cook Thai red curry. I was very excited that we were going to have Thai red curry. When we reached there I asked the menu. My older cousin Tanya didi told me the menu. The menu was Spaghetti, Thai red curry, butter chicken, meat balls, asparagus and many other items. There was also a cake made by my aunt which weighed 3.5 Kgs. I said that the menu sounded great but I don’t think I will be able to eat so much of food. My cousin said that there are 15 people and the amount of food is appropriate so that everyone can have stomach full of food. My cousin’s friends were also there. They are watching the movie “Gangs of Wasseypur”. But I did not want to watch that movie so I went to the other room to watch something else. I watched the movie “1920 Evil Returns” and “Houseful 2”. When it was dinner time I took some spaghetti, asparagus, meat balls and some coke in a glass and Thai red curry also. It was very tasty. I was thrilled to eat the Thai red curry. It was amazing and the whole Thai red curry was made by my mother. After dinner I was lying in the bed watching T.V. I was so engrossed in the T.V. that I did not realize that the clock had struck 12 O’clock and the New Year had arrived. I wondered why everyone was making so much noise. Everyone came to me and said happy New Year. Just then the door bell rang. I opened the door and I saw my Naveen mama with Nanita mami and my cousins Shreya and Aditya. All of us were taken aback as Naveen mama had told us that they will go to Jaipur. He now told us that he wanted to surprise us. He had brought wood for bonfire. We set up the bonfire in the garden and celebrated the New Year. After that we went home at 3:30 am. This was my New Year celebration. How did you celebrate your new year?



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